SpeckTech Inc.


Developer of StreamWeaving

SpeckTech Inc. provides custom engineering solutions for imaging and geospatial systems.

StreamWeaving, our premier product, provides a scalable visualization of imagery and database content in a geospatial framework.

StreamWeaving Services are sized based on the amount of ingest imagery and video, and the number of users served.  StreamWeaving weaves a wide variety of sources into dynamic realtime common operational layers.

StreamWeaving packages your content in an extensible Open Geospatial Consortium language known as KML, or Keyhole Markup Language.  Your content is integrated into an image processing capable server, with OpenCL Imagery Processing Pipelines both at ingest, and while serving.

StreamWeaving is available for licensing with your imagery or geospatial database content.  SpeckTech Inc also provides custom architecture and engineering services, typically used to integrate a StreamWeaving Server (or cluster or cloud) into a broader infrastructure / system.

SpeckTech Inc. is a woman owned small business.

SpeckTech Inc’s major product is called StreamWeaving.

StreamWeaving produces and serves a realtime geospatial visualization.

StreamWeaving can be licensed and integrated into your systems.

SpeckTech Inc also provides custom engineering to meet your requirements.